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24: The lost pilot episode

Check out the lost pilot episode of my favorite TV show, here. This is back in 1994 when Jack didn’t have his Treo to do all the work for him. Awesome!


TV shows I’m watching

Last week I finally finished the fifth and last season of Six Feet Under and I must say that it was a sad yet wonderful show.

These days I have started Dexter upon a great deal of persistence from a friend. I’m almost through season one and its quite exciting. Though I should mention that I still don’t agree with him saying that its better than 24. Nothing competes with 24, period.

Other than this we’re almost through with the third season of Grey’s Anatomy. It is one of those shows that you can watch and while it isn’t usually very intense or gripping, it is decent entertainment.

I need to catch up with the second and third seasons of Prison Break. Regarding Lost, I’m ready to cut it loose now – need to do it! Shows I’ve downloaded and might watch later are Heroes, Rome (season 2) and Oz.

101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets

A few days ago I caught E!’s 101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets on TV. Listed below are a few of my favorites:

74. Some talk show guests are fake or coached by producers.
62. Sony Pictures created a fake movie critic to praise its films.
46. The man behind the “scary voice” in “Scream” was kept hidden from the cast to ensure more authentic performances.
38. “Bond girl” Tula was born a man.
11. Jack Nicholson’s “mother” was actually his grandmother and his “sister” was actually his mother.

You can check the complete list here.

Six Feet Under status


Yesterday I finished watching season 3 of Six Feet Under. It is one amazing show and ranks right up there in my favorites with 24, Arrested Development, Prison Break and Family Guy (though admittedly; 24 ranks much higher amongst them all).

I’ve got another three seasons to go and so far there have been multiple interesting plots that have branched out, some of which have also reached their conclusions (or so it seems). With all the sub-plots going on in parallel; it is always exciting to observe how the death in each episode deals with or addresses a certain aspect of death.

For those not in the know; the show is about the lives of a somewhat dysfunctional family (it always has to be that) that runs a funeral home. Almost each episode starts with somebody dying and then proceeds with the different threads/plots that are in progress.

This show is a must-watch in my opinion.

Kuwaiti guy on 24… almost!

Marzouk who I know to be an avid fan of the very popular TV show – 24, almost landed a role in it. Apparently there was some charity auction at Standford University and one of the items was a role in an episode of 24 along with a signed script from the show’s producers. He got beat by some millionaire’s wife after bidding up to $16,500! She took it for $21,000.

That would’ve been something awesome. Better luck next time.


Watching Stuff

So this did turn out to be a pretty fun weekend. Other than the picnic where we went over to the KOC Spring Camp, I spent a good amount of time catching up on some pending movies and TV shows.

District B13
This is basically a French movie and I watched the dubbed version. Its probably one of the very few movies that show the incredible art of parkour, the French extreme sport/martial art devoted to the casual hurdling of physical obstacles, in action. Parkour is certainly awe-inspiring and lets people test the limits of the human body when it comes to jumping. We’ve all most likely seen Jackie Chan employ it when he needs to get out of tight spots but David Belle (who plays a convict and is also the founder of this art) really knows his parkour. There’s some amazing footage where they display this art and that alone makes it worth watching this movie.

The plot itself isn’t all that complex and basically concerns the good guys fighting the bad guys to prevent a bomb going off in Paris’s neglected and run-down District 13 that can potentially kill all the people who are within an 8 mile radius.

[Parkour Wiki]

Thank You For Smoking
This was a smart movie. Basically its about a lobbyist for tobacco companies. Its quite evident how this is probably not the easiest job in the world with so much research and information going against smoking (which is just as it should be in my opinion). What makes this flick interesting is how the main lead employs different argument tactics to win what seem like non-winnable situations. One of those is that to win an argument, you don’t have to prove that you are right; you just have to prove that the other guy is wrong.

I do recommend watching this even if only for watching the aforementioned tactics in action.

Children of Men
Somehow I had bigger expectations when I was watching this movie. The plight of mankind depicted is extremely interesting in that people seem to have lost the ability to have children. This directly implies the impending doom of mankind and the ensuing hopelessness that is followed by complete chaos. In the movie we are in the year 2070 and it seems that UK is the only place in the world with some hope left. Due to all the chaos, all non-nationals have been declared illegal and are being executed or shipped out as refugees.

One woman is found who is pregnant and the movie shows how different elements wish to use that to their advantage.

Personally, I didn’t find the movie to be very conclusive or satisfying and thought that a lot more could have been achieved with the premise.

Six Feet Under (TV show)
I just wrapped up Season 2 of this show and it is amazing. It is a somewhat dark and comical outlook on the life of a family who runs a funeral home and each episode starts off with the death of someone (not necessarily from the family – the show would be too short then!) and revolves around a particular aspect of death and how people deal with it.

I’ve got another 4 seasons to watch and with each season having around 12 hour-long episodes; its quite a lot to go through.

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