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ASUS EEE Keyboard – PC

The touch-screen

The touch-screen

Asus have come out with a really interesting idea here. At first glance, I thought it was just a fancy new keyboard from them to hook up to your EEE netbook which normally come with difficult to use keyboards. I was totally blown away when I realized it was a PC, complete with 16 GB space, 1 GB RAM, a few USB ports, Wifi, Bluetooth and HDMI/VGA outputs. On top of that, it also has a 5″ touch-screen on the side that probably acts as a mini-display of sorts.


Amazing! I’d like to know when it is launching and for how much.

Somebody made a comment saying they should have called it the Asus kEEEboard.   🙂

Images courtesy of Engadget.

[Engadget link]

[Engadget gallery link]

[Gizmodo article]


Nokia Unveils the N97


So its the Nokia N97! I must say it looks pretty impressive. It also looks roughly about the size of the iPhone going by this image, albeit a little taller and narrower. That takes care of my concerns about it looking like a pencil box.Though with a full keyboard hidden underneath the screen, I’m guessing it won’t be that thin.

Primary features:

  • A 3.5″ resistive touch-screen
  • A-GPS
  • 5 MP camera
  • Wifi
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 32GB onbard memory expandable to 48GB. Now that’s a lot!
  • A QWERTY keyboard

This is looking suspiciously close to my dream cell phone.

They say it will go for around $693 (excluding subsidies and taxes) and is expected to be out by H1 of 2009. Certainly not cheap, but then again; it is their flagship model as of today.

Check out the Nokia link below for the details available so far.

[Nokia link]

Apple Black Friday sale – Tomorrow!

Apple-Black Friday

The subject says it all. I’ve got my eyes on the new iPod Touch 2G and hope Apple gives a great discount so I can pick one up.

Detailed below is the respective price comparison of Apple vs Amazon prices on the new iPod Touch 2G:

8GB: $229 vs $210

16GB: $299 vs $270

32GB: $399 vs $360

Apple [Link]

Amazon [Link]

Update: Its not looking very encouraging with the discounts they have put up on their Australian site.

Bitten by Facebook

The Facebook bug has finally bitten me, and its bad! I find myself checking my page every now and then to see what’s going on. I resisted it for a long time but now I’m lost.

Frankly speaking, its a pretty good idea but I think they need to get rid of all those gifts/cards that people keep sending – it gets irritating real fast. If you really want to give me chocolate; I prefer the eatable sort.

Other than that, its great way to hook up with friends & family and to get a glimpse of what’s going on in their lives.

I recently read that the facebook guy (Mark Zuckerberg) is one of the richest self-made bilionaires in the world – Forbes [Link]. So I guess he must have done something right with it. By the way, he is only 23!

Note to self: Do something already!

I guess I should update the status on my facebook now to say that I’m done writing this post. 🙂

Google Chrome

Google has come up with a new web browser called Chrome. There’s a very interesting comic book style narration on how they went about it and started from the ground up, here. One of the features they describe is that each tab will have its own process which means that even if one tab crashes; the others won’t.

I’ve not yet tested it and not feeling up to it at the moment as I’m quite busy. However, I’m always interested in new stuff and will check it out soon. I’ll admit that it does look a little bland in the screenshot.

You can download the beta release from the link below.

[Download link]

My Asus EEE 900 review

We’re once again in Dhaka for 1-2 months and then headed to Lahore for a month. All this moving around lately has increased and due to this I decided to get a portable laptop for my wife, Maliha so she can chat and surf while I’m at work during the day.

Basically, we didn’t need to have another full-sized laptop to lug around and from this perspective; the Asus EEE series has been a real blessing. ‘Netbooks’ is the name awarded to the recent small laptops that are popping up everywhere.

I was going to order mine on Amazon, but learnt that Best Buy (fake one) was selling it in Hawally. I thought I’d check it out and after roaming around for a while I found a shop (a few shops before Best Buy) that gave me a pretty good deal at K.D.140 which is quite competitive to what I’d have paid to Amazon.

I got a black EEE 900 and this is the 20GB Linux version. The Linux based OS it comes with is decent but doesn’t give me sufficient flexibility. I formatted it and installed Windows XP instead. FYI, they also sell one preloaded with Windows XP for about the same price, but that has a 12 GB HD, so why lose out on extra space? It also comes with a very nice pouch to keep it cozy.

We’ve been using it for a month now (mostly her though) and its an amazing little device.

Maliha's netbook

Maliha's netbook

The first thing you notice is how small it is. At 225 x 165 x 35mm (WxDxH), I can place two of these back to back to have a footprint the same size as my 14.1″ HP laptop. The 8.9″ screen is pretty sharp and can go up to a decent 1024×600 resolution. The 1 GB RAM keeps things moving at a decent pace. The 1.3MP built-in camera performs really well with the IMs and the wireless network works like a charm. 20 GB of solid state space is sufficient and efficient for its purpose. What’s more; the touchpad supports multi-touch and gives you some pretty cool ways to scroll (using two fingers) and zoom in/out of pics by pinching. The battery life is decent and it gives around 2+ hours of usage.

Weirdly enough, the speakers are placed beneath the body, though I find this aesthetically more pleasing than on the sides like in the 700 series models. The only downside so far is that typing isn’t as convenient as on a standard laptop. The keys are small and it takes some time to get used to it.

Overall, I’d say this is a very impressive machine yet it serves a specific purpose. If you are looking for a power-horse, this is not it. If you are looking for something ultra-portable, light, that lets you do basic stuff and even watch movies and listen to music; you can’t go wrong with this Asus.

My dream cell phone

I had been thinking about a cell phone replacement for a while now and had just about made up my mind for the Nokia N95 8 GB when all of a sudden, everybody has started popping up with very interesting and noteworthy models. Now I’m totally confused and have no clue on what to get. They’re all pretty cool but due to the slew of features out there, I’m not sure which has the best combination.

Listen up cell phone manufacturers (especially Nokia and Sony Ericsson)! I’m going to list down my 20 points/expectations below (in no particular order) and you go to your labs and come back with my dream machine. The deadline is yesterday.

  1. 2.8″ – 3.0″ screen offering excellent display in the sun and all that – Nokia has set a good example here (must)
  2. Wi-fi connectivity (must)
  3. Blue-tooth connectivity (must)
  4. 5 MP camera with image stabilizer and xenon flash (must)
  5. 16 GB built-in memory (8 GB will also be entertained)
  6. Memory card slot (nice to have)
  7. Optical zoom (optional, but shouldn’t ruin the form)
  8. An efficient web browser and sufficient memory to cater to browsing activities (must)
  9. 3D graphics (must)
  10. GPS – this should work with maps as well as should geo-tag photos (must)
  11. Slide form is preferred. Don’t bother with flip-tops
  12. Touchscreen (not needed)
  13. Support for various video and audio formats (must)
  14. Intelligent searching for contacts – i-mate style (must)
  15. Regardless of what OS it runs, laggy performance is not acceptable and neither is crashing (must)
  16. FM transmitter (nice to have)
  17. Standard audio jack – I’m not going to fiddle around with adapters (must)
  18. Context sensitive interface (nice to have)
  19. Standard organizer applications – multiple and flexible alarm settings and an intuitive calculator (must)
  20. Physical dimensions should not be huge (e.g. Nokia Communicators, no thank you)

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