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Rohail’s first steps

Yesterday all of us (Maliha, my parents and Sadia, my sister) were sitting in the living room and Rohail was busy playing the attention-seeker. He can usually stand up for 5-10 seconds and while doing that, all of a sudden he took three steps (albeit side-ways steps) and my dad shouted out, “Look, he’s walking!”. It was pretty amazing to see him do that and after a lot of insisting, he repeated the feat once more to our collective glee.

It was fortunate that so many of us were around to witness his transition from a ‘quadped’ to a ‘biped’. Congrats buddy!


Happy Birthday – Rohail


Rohail turned one year old today! In the past one year he has brought us a lot of happiness and fun times. Here’s wishing him a great day and the best of everything.

Two days ago we got back from our Bangladesh trip and my parents and sister also came from Karachi on the same evening. So its a lot of fun and Rohail is really happy to be with them. He was also happy to meet Maliha’s father and sister’s family.

Rohail has an accident

Last week Rohail had an accident where the poor guy spilt boiling water on himself. Unfortunately, the water was being boiled and while Maliha informed me; I somehow forgot about it. Since all the points here in our Dhaka apartment are located at the bottom, the plastic boiling kettle was within easy reach for him. He slipped off my lap and went straight for it, before I could get to him, it had spilt on his legs and arms. It was extremely painful for him and he soon had a lot of blisters. We rushed him to the burn hospital and he got treatment there. He has been going through some painful dressings, however, the doctor said that the blisters are healing nicely and he should be fine within 10 days.

Since his hands are wrapped up, my father has commented that he looks like a boxer! This is also a cause of frustration for him since he can’t use his hands anymore and tries to use his mouth to pick things now.

Hoping he has a speedy recovery.

Rohail’s vaccinations

Two days ago Rohail got his six month vaccinations at the local clinic. He was in a good mood and interacting with everyone including the nurse who was going to do the deed. He was lying on the table watching her as she prepared those scary looking needles and stuff. Sometimes he would get a bit nervous but Maliha and myself assured him it was all good. Overall it wasn’t too bad and he cried a bit when the shots were administered. They said that he would be feverish for a day or two, which he was but now he’s all good – Alhumdulillah. He’s due for the next one after 6 months.

Spiderman 3 – sad


We went to watch Spiderman 3 over the weekend. It has almost run its complete course at the Kuwaiti theatres but if you haven’t seen it already; you shouldn’t be too worried.

Before I go on, let me say that Rohail made us proud and sat through it all without any fuss. He even managed to take a nap during some of the loud action scenes!

Back to the movie – as a friend pointed out; it was more of a love story this time than the dark and sinister flick I expected to enjoy. By its third installment; it seems that Spidey has turned in to a cheap show-off. Romance, jealousy and revenge seemed to be the key points in the plot. Other than some of the fight scenes and the awesome animation of him swinging around New York; I didn’t really enjoy the movie much.

I don’t like giving away much during my comments on movies but I’ll just say that the plot was very weak and things between Spiderman and the Green Goblin very conveniently and quickly fell into place when it was needed.

I hope to catch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 this week and desperately hope that it is does not disappoint as well.

Another shot for Rohail


Yesterday Rohail got his Bacillus Calmette-GuĂ©rin shot. Yup, that’s the full form of what we commonly call the BCG vaccination. We were quite worried that it would cause him a lot of discomfort and pain, however, to our relief it worked out pretty well. He did cry a bit while it was being administered, but has been fine since then Alhamdulillah. Although it does suck that he needs to get vaccinated on his monthly birthday anniversaries!

I was reading up on BCG and it seems that its effectiveness is questionable. Nevertheless, everyone gets it done and for sure there isn’t any probable harm caused by it.

[BCG Wiki]

Phone line fixed!

Finally after almost two months of frustration, our telephone line was fixed yesterday. Apparently 4-5 buildings were disconnected due to some cable upgrades but I really wish they (MOC) would plan these things more carefully as line disconnection for around 2 months is simply not acceptable.

Anyhow, its great to have the line back and first thing we did right after was to show Rohail to my parents on the webcam. Even though he was sleepy I’m sure they must have enjoyed watching him.

For now I’m pleased that my mobile bills will go down and hope that this doesn’t happen for a third time. Two disconnections within 3 months is bad enough.

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