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Pay electricity bill every month. The horror!

My building haris (caretaker) informed me today morning that there’s a notice from the ministry saying that electricity bills must be paid every month.

People from almost every other country in the world must think its the most natural thing, but here in Kuwait we are used to paying our bills once a year or even once every two or three years! If this is the case, I hope they enable online KNET payment otherwise it would totally suck having to go there early in the morning, get the guy to come home and take the meter reading and go back to make the payment – every month!


Explosion in Ahmadi, Kuwait

I just got a call from my folks in Karachi asking if everything was alright and that a local news channel (Geo News) mentioned that there was an explosion in a mosque here with 5 people stuck inside the rubble and some injured.

Turns out its a Huseiniya in Ahmadi and caused by a gas cylinder exploding. More details are not yet available but you can check the below links to catch up on what people are saying.

Geo News KUWAIT: An explosion shook a mosque in southern Kuwait, hurting an unspecified number of people, Kuwait’s private Al Rai television said on Sunday.

It said five people were reported to be trapped under the rubble in the building in the town of Ahmadi.

[Geo Link]

[248am Link]

Update: Some pictures of the scene can be found here.

A Trip to Failaka Island

During the Eid holidays, we planned a trip to Failaka Island. After doing some research we found out about the Failaka Heritage Village package. They have a fairly decent arrangement and the boat ride itself is awesome. It takes about 50 minutes to get there and they have two nice  boats (Bint Al-Khair and Umm Al-Khair). I found the boats to be very comfortable and in this weather it was excellent to go on the deck and really enjoy the ride. It costs KD.13/adult and KD.9/child. Children under 2 years old go free. The package mainly consists of the ride to and fro and a lunch buffet. They leave at 10 am and return at 4 pm on Thu, Fri and Sat from the Marina Mall docks. For the remaining days its a 9 am departure and return at 5 pm.

View from the boat

View from the boat

Once you reach the island they pile you in a bus and take you to the ‘heritage village’. This is where they hand you the lunch coupons and they’ve got some interesting stuff going on there as well. You can roam around and you’ll find camel rides, fun activities for children, play areas for kids, a mini-zoo of sorts and a boat ride in a beautifully decorated, yet small lake.

If you come out of their premises you will notice that a lot of people are riding dune buggies. They rent them for KD.10/hour and its not too shabby. I’ve heard they also rent jet skis there but I didn’t explore enough to find them. They also rent out chalets if you plan on staying the night but personally I didn’t think there was enough action for a 24 hour trip.

The Boat

The boat after the trip

Rohail had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I’d recommend people to try this out at least once because its a nice change from regular life here in Kuwait. I also got a chance to take a lot of pictures and try out my new Sony H50 camera. In fact, I’ve replaced the header image in my blog with a photo taken on this trip. Here’s the link to some more pictures.

A really long weekend in Kuwait – what to do?


We’ve been given nine days off for the Eid holidays. It actually four working days and the Thursday is a rest day (sweet!). Coupled with the weekends on both sides and you have nine days to do nothing in Kuwait.

Earlier we were planning to drive to Bahrain and spend a few days there, however, since its Hajj period it will be impossible to get the mandatory KSA transit-visa. A lot of friends and family are also leaving Kuwait during this period so its going to be particularly boring. I’m trying to figure out different things we can do other than me working from home. So far a cruise trip to Failaka Island tops the list. Any suggestions are welcome.

Here’s wishing everybody a great time and Eid greetings in advance.

Viva, Wataniya and Zain – Free Incoming Calls!


Pick up that land-line phone and call me.

Finally, with the arrival of the 3rd Telecom Operator in Kuwait (Viva), the consumers are finally getting the benefit. All three operators have announced free incoming calls today (technically, Viva is yet to announce it). To my knowledge, this covers both international and local incoming calls. That’s pretty big news and people have been waiting for this for a long, long time.

I guess we owe it to Viva to revitalize the competition in this market. Happy call-receiving everybody!

Now I wonder if they are going to put a charge on outgoing local calls in Kuwait other than the yearly fixed amout of K.D.30. If not, then this is very surprising news indeed.

Sources for this news

Wataniya – I received the SMS myself.

Zain – Its all over the media.

Viva – Its not announced yet but this is the insider news so far and it makes sense too.

Kuwait is freezing!

I just received this from a relative working in the oil sector here in Kuwait. Pretty cool (pun intended)!

Pictures taken at Wafra, Kuwait 7am to 9.30am on January 16, 2008.



Happy Eid!

Happy Eid to everybody!

Today it was Eid in Kuwait and we celebrated it as usual by going around visiting friends and family. It started off with a  bunch of phone calls from a lot of people including my parents and sister in Pakistan. After that we went over to Maliha’s parent’s place to have breakfast and then went around meeting our friends. Its usually quite hectic on Eid as we try to meet as many people as possible while stuffing ourselves silly at each stop.

It was Rohail’s first Eid and that certainly made things very interesting. We went over to a photo studio in Salmiya and got a family portrait done along with a couple of snaps of Rohail. We don’t have nearly enough pictures of Rohail put up at our home so we’ve decided to change that.

All in all, it was a fun day and not too tiring either. I’ve got quite a few days off at work and will resume duty from Tuesday.

Pakistan might be celebrating Eid on Sunday.

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