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ASUS EEE Keyboard – PC

The touch-screen

The touch-screen

Asus have come out with a really interesting idea here. At first glance, I thought it was just a fancy new keyboard from them to hook up to your EEE netbook which normally come with difficult to use keyboards. I was totally blown away when I realized it was a PC, complete with 16 GB space, 1 GB RAM, a few USB ports, Wifi, Bluetooth and HDMI/VGA outputs. On top of that, it also has a 5″ touch-screen on the side that probably acts as a mini-display of sorts.


Amazing! I’d like to know when it is launching and for how much.

Somebody made a comment saying they should have called it the Asus kEEEboard.   🙂

Images courtesy of Engadget.

[Engadget link]

[Engadget gallery link]

[Gizmodo article]


A Trip to Failaka Island

During the Eid holidays, we planned a trip to Failaka Island. After doing some research we found out about the Failaka Heritage Village package. They have a fairly decent arrangement and the boat ride itself is awesome. It takes about 50 minutes to get there and they have two nice  boats (Bint Al-Khair and Umm Al-Khair). I found the boats to be very comfortable and in this weather it was excellent to go on the deck and really enjoy the ride. It costs KD.13/adult and KD.9/child. Children under 2 years old go free. The package mainly consists of the ride to and fro and a lunch buffet. They leave at 10 am and return at 4 pm on Thu, Fri and Sat from the Marina Mall docks. For the remaining days its a 9 am departure and return at 5 pm.

View from the boat

View from the boat

Once you reach the island they pile you in a bus and take you to the ‘heritage village’. This is where they hand you the lunch coupons and they’ve got some interesting stuff going on there as well. You can roam around and you’ll find camel rides, fun activities for children, play areas for kids, a mini-zoo of sorts and a boat ride in a beautifully decorated, yet small lake.

If you come out of their premises you will notice that a lot of people are riding dune buggies. They rent them for KD.10/hour and its not too shabby. I’ve heard they also rent jet skis there but I didn’t explore enough to find them. They also rent out chalets if you plan on staying the night but personally I didn’t think there was enough action for a 24 hour trip.

The Boat

The boat after the trip

Rohail had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I’d recommend people to try this out at least once because its a nice change from regular life here in Kuwait. I also got a chance to take a lot of pictures and try out my new Sony H50 camera. In fact, I’ve replaced the header image in my blog with a photo taken on this trip. Here’s the link to some more pictures.

Nokia Unveils the N97


So its the Nokia N97! I must say it looks pretty impressive. It also looks roughly about the size of the iPhone going by this image, albeit a little taller and narrower. That takes care of my concerns about it looking like a pencil box.Though with a full keyboard hidden underneath the screen, I’m guessing it won’t be that thin.

Primary features:

  • A 3.5″ resistive touch-screen
  • A-GPS
  • 5 MP camera
  • Wifi
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 32GB onbard memory expandable to 48GB. Now that’s a lot!
  • A QWERTY keyboard

This is looking suspiciously close to my dream cell phone.

They say it will go for around $693 (excluding subsidies and taxes) and is expected to be out by H1 of 2009. Certainly not cheap, but then again; it is their flagship model as of today.

Check out the Nokia link below for the details available so far.

[Nokia link]

Nokia Countdown


Roughly another hour to go before Nokia lets the cat out of the bag. I’m curious to see what they’ve got up their sleeves that’s getting the whole mystery treatment. They certainly have my attention, I just hope its not another iteration of their pencil-box look-alike series (aka the Communicator).

[Nokia link]

Apple Black Friday sale – Tomorrow!

Apple-Black Friday

The subject says it all. I’ve got my eyes on the new iPod Touch 2G and hope Apple gives a great discount so I can pick one up.

Detailed below is the respective price comparison of Apple vs Amazon prices on the new iPod Touch 2G:

8GB: $229 vs $210

16GB: $299 vs $270

32GB: $399 vs $360

Apple [Link]

Amazon [Link]

Update: Its not looking very encouraging with the discounts they have put up on their Australian site.

Visit to Cox’s Bazar

We went to visit my cousin and his family in Chittagong over the weekend. He planned an amazing 2-days trip to Cox’s Bazar, which is supposedly the world’s longest natural beach. The weather was awesome and the waves were aggressive. Rohail was totally terrified of the water and spent most of his time outside the water playing in the sand.

The best part for us when it started raining heavily while we were in the water; that is one unique experience. Rohail also had a great time with his two cousins, Lamisa and Waafee and became quite close to everybody during our stay with my cousin and his family.

The bad news is that I was using my camera (Kodak Z612) while it was raining lightly and apparently its messed up the CCD on it. Below is an example of the sort of pictures I’m getting now. I’ve done some research and it seems it isn’t worth the repair as I don’t have any warranty on it now. On the bright side; I can get a newer and better camera now – suggestions are most welcome.

You can check out the pictures I managed to get before I damaged the camera, here.

The Best Worst Book Review

This is a really funny review on what seems to be the worst book ever written. It actually makes me want to read the book.

Check out the first review at below link and even the comments against the reviews are a hilarious read.

One of the seemingly numerous jewels in this book: “Already, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it. In fact, he KNEW he wouldn’t.” ROFL!!!


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