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My Xbox 360 Elite

Xbox 360 Elite

A few weeks ago I picked up an Xbox 360 Elite from a guy who was selling them on the 248am forum. The guy gave me a really sweet deal and it didn’t take me too long to convince Maliha that we couldn’t miss this.  😉

It came with everything in the box, including two extra white controllers in addition to the black one that it originally comes with. He even threw in a couple of games to get me started. The 120 GB storage is pretty useful and it means I can install and play games directly from the drive which has a positive impact on the loading times. The gaming console I had before this was the PS2 and that was pretty awesome. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amazing graphics once I fired it up after hooking it up to my plasma using the HDMI connection. The graphics, sharpness and brilliance of the colors pretty much blew me away.

The wireless aspect of the controller is another thing that I’m enjoying. It gives me more freedom and its somewhat nice not to have people tripping over the cables running from the console to the controller.

I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter 4 and Grid and I’m thinking about picking up the MS Wireless Racing Wheel for it and add a touch of realism and make it more fun.

Rohail has also been mashing the buttons to SF4 and Soul Calibur 4 any time he can get me to sit and play with him. I’m thinking I’ll get some games for him that are more suitable for his age group (though I wonder if they have anything for 2+ year olds!). In any case, he has already laid claim to the device and readily tells anyone that its his.


A trip to Khewra Salt Mine

Inside the mine

Currently I’m in Lahore for about a month on an official trip and Maliha and Rohail have accompanied me. Last week we got the go-ahead for a team outdoors trip. We decided to visit the Khewra Salt Mine which is located between Islamabad and Lahore. It is a very scenic trip on the Motorway and the whole gang stuffed into a van and we had a great day.

It took us about 3 hours to get there from Lahore. The weather was simply amazing with a lot of rain and by the time we got there, we had a quick lunch and headed towards the mine. They had a rickety train that took us to the depths of the mine and from there onwards we had a guide who explained the various things and showed us the various salt related exhibits they have put up there for the tourists. It was very interesting to see the different types of salts and their colour and light properties. Rohail had a great time as well which you could tell from his excited shrieks.

Fun Facts: The daily production is 1200-1500 metric tonnes and the mine is on multiple levels and ventilation is done through dedicated ventilation tunnels (there is no formal ventilation or AC inside).

This is a unique thing and I would advise people to check it out if they can.

You can see all the photos here.

Monopoly Global edition – Vote now


It seems that voting season is on. Hasbro is coming out with the global edition of one of the most popular board games in the world – Monopoly. Jerusalem, Israel was one of the earlier proposed cities to be in the game but a conflict has started. Hasbro has decided to take a neutral stance on this and let the people decide which cities should be included.

My vote: Dubai (unfortunately, Kuwait didn’t make the list)

Vote here

Trip to Jamuna bridge

Last Saturday we took a road-trip to the Jamuna bridge. It is the 11th longest bridge in the world (wiki reference). (I wonder how far they maintain these statistics – which is the 87th longest bridge in the world?).

The drive was 3 hours long from Dhaka and very scenic and the clouds reminded me of those you see in the Simpson’s intro.

The bridge itself was interesting, however, the highlight of our trip was an hour-long boat ride on the Jamuna lake. As soon as we reached the destination we started on the boat ride. This was around 4 pm and the weather was amazing. Rohail thoroughly enjoyed himself and was checking out the water and the scenery all around. We also caught a beautiful sunset and we hardly noticed the hour go by. After that we had some snacks at the resort restaurant and then headed back for Dhaka. On the way back we were tired and I mostly slept through it all.

I took a lot of pics which can be viewed here.

Karachi, here we come!

End of next week, the three of us are going to Karachi! Leave approved, shopping done and tickets purchased. All that’s left to do now is pack the stuff, so hope everything goes smooth (Inshallah).

It will be the first time I’ll be visiting my home city in three years, as the last time I was there was for my wedding. There’s a lot of excitement back home as everyone is eagerly looking forward to our visit and especially meeting Rohail. We’re also very excited to see everybody after this unusually long gap and take a nice rest.

Finally my folks are finally done with the renovation of our home and they moved in yesterday! Now Rohail’s Dadi (my mother) and Phuppi (my sister) are busy setting up his room – yes, Maliha’s and my room has officially been nominated to him.

Not only that, my cousin is also getting married the next day of our arrival and that should also be loads of fun. The thing about weddings is that it brings the whole family, which is scattered all over the world; together.

We will be gone for almost a month and look forward to eating all sorts of desi/local food and having fun in general.

iPhone launch date equals my birthday

iPhone’s official launch date has been announced. Guess what – it coincides with my birthday! So am I getting a surprise present from Apple? Maybe this could serve as the push I need to make that Apple cross-over (hint, hint).

Steve, are you reading this?

If not, then Bill, are you?

Photography fun

On Thursday I thought it was time to practice some of the night photography theory that I had been reading up on lately. You have to start somewhere; so I went over to Eureka with my trusty Z612 and picked up a tripod as that is probably as important as the camera itself if you’re going to be doing any night-time photography. My first stop was on the parking strip right beside the Kuwait Towers on the Gulf Road and I tried to capture some shots of the grand Towers themselves.

This was my first time playing around seriously with the aperture and shutter values. I was pretty impressed at seeing the whole concept in action where I could get different lighting effects just by playing around with these values. Thanks to digital photography where one can fool around as much as he wants without any fear of financial repercussions in the form of film roll usage. I also took a picture of the beach in front of me which was completely dark, however, the result I got on a 13-second long shutter-speed showed me stuff that I couldn’t even see with my eyes.

Then we all headed over to a fishing spot further along the Gulf Road and I captured some more shots. It was kind of humid and we soon called it a day and headed home.

Conclusion: Needless to say, easier read then done! However; practice will get me there.

More photos may be viewed here.

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