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Sabah Hussain, PMP

Last week I finally got the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification! I made this decision early 2007 but at the time I wanted to go for the CAPM (Certified Associate PM) first, which is basically PMP Lite. However, after going through multiple on/off phases to study; I made a decision last year to go directly for the PMP. Once again I found myself studying a few weeks and then slacking off and the thing with the PMP is that you need to focus on it in a dedicated mode and then appear for the exam soon after (that’s what I feel anyway).

I scheduled my exam for last week and then started going through the course material, I used a couple of books and the sample questions at the end of each chapter were very helpful. Maliha also helped me to go through the questions and revise.

I thought theĀ  exam itself was pretty tough and even though you only need to get 61% of the questions right out of 175 within 4 hours; its extremely difficult to single out the ‘more’ correct answer out of the four provided (its computer based and multiple-choice oriented) unless you’ve gone over the concepts and material thoroughly. There are also 25 additional pre-release questions that do not count towards your score but you don’t know which ones they are.

Needless to say I felt ecstatic the moment the screen displayed my passing status. Now I need to make sure that I apply what I’ve learnt in my job.

Since passing I’ve celebrated by watching 25th Hour, Body of Lies, Gran Torino and Killshot! All of them pretty good and recommended movies. Next on my list is Crossing Over.


Viva, Wataniya and Zain – Free Incoming Calls!


Pick up that land-line phone and call me.

Finally, with the arrival of the 3rd Telecom Operator in Kuwait (Viva), the consumers are finally getting the benefit. All three operators have announced free incoming calls today (technically, Viva is yet to announce it). To my knowledge, this covers both international and local incoming calls. That’s pretty big news and people have been waiting for this for a long, long time.

I guess we owe it to Viva to revitalize the competition in this market. Happy call-receiving everybody!

Now I wonder if they are going to put a charge on outgoing local calls in Kuwait other than the yearly fixed amout of K.D.30. If not, then this is very surprising news indeed.

Sources for this news

Wataniya – I received the SMS myself.

Zain – Its all over the media.

Viva – Its not announced yet but this is the insider news so far and it makes sense too.

Nokia Unveils the N97


So its the Nokia N97! I must say it looks pretty impressive. It also looks roughly about the size of the iPhone going by this image, albeit a little taller and narrower. That takes care of my concerns about it looking like a pencil box.Though with a full keyboard hidden underneath the screen, I’m guessing it won’t be that thin.

Primary features:

  • A 3.5″ resistive touch-screen
  • A-GPS
  • 5 MP camera
  • Wifi
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 32GB onbard memory expandable to 48GB. Now that’s a lot!
  • A QWERTY keyboard

This is looking suspiciously close to my dream cell phone.

They say it will go for around $693 (excluding subsidies and taxes) and is expected to be out by H1 of 2009. Certainly not cheap, but then again; it is their flagship model as of today.

Check out the Nokia link below for the details available so far.

[Nokia link]

Rohail’s first steps

Yesterday all of us (Maliha, my parents and Sadia, my sister) were sitting in the living room and Rohail was busy playing the attention-seeker. He can usually stand up for 5-10 seconds and while doing that, all of a sudden he took three steps (albeit side-ways steps) and my dad shouted out, “Look, he’s walking!”. It was pretty amazing to see him do that and after a lot of insisting, he repeated the feat once more to our collective glee.

It was fortunate that so many of us were around to witness his transition from a ‘quadped’ to a ‘biped’. Congrats buddy!

Happy Birthday – Rohail


Rohail turned one year old today! In the past one year he has brought us a lot of happiness and fun times. Here’s wishing him a great day and the best of everything.

Two days ago we got back from our Bangladesh trip and my parents and sister also came from Karachi on the same evening. So its a lot of fun and Rohail is really happy to be with them. He was also happy to meet Maliha’s father and sister’s family.

In Bangladesh

Since last week I’m in Bangladesh on a project. Since the stay was going to be more than a month; Maliha and Rohail have accompanied me.

The roads here are extremely crowded and generally there’s a lot of poverty. On the flip side; Dhaka is very green and it sure is a nice change from all the sand I’m used to seeing in Kuwait. The weather is also pretty decent and we’ve been going around meeting people and friends. They kept us at a hotel for a week and yesterday, finally moved us to a nicely furnished 3-bedroom apartment, since it was very difficult for Maliha to manage things in a single small hotel room.

Rohail has been enjoying the rides on the cycle-rickshaw here and constantly blabbers and waves around his hands in excitement. It is a commonly used means of transportation and consists of a carriage that is connected to a bicycle. I’ll be putting up pics when I get the chance as things are extremely busy at work currently.

I’m looking forward to catching a weekend when I can go and visit Chittagong, which is a very beautiful and scenic city.

The new iPods and the Touch


OK, I know this post probably won’t serve any purpose as the news is going to be everywhere, however, it has to be done.

Apple unveiled its new iPods today. Its amazing how these guys successively manage to better themselves and make obsolete their own earlier products. First up, they got a slimmer, all metal design version of the iPod in 80 and 160 GBs going respectively for $249 and $349. There’s also going to be a new Nano with a bigger screen and a couple of games.

Most importantly though; they are launching the iPod Touch which basically seems to be the iPhone minus the phone. Noteworthy features include multitouch interface and built-in Wi-Fi (this is on my hit list now; along with the XBOX 360). It will cost $299 and $399 depending on the memory.

[CNN article]

[Apple iPod Touch link]

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