My Xbox 360 Elite

Xbox 360 Elite

A few weeks ago I picked up an Xbox 360 Elite from a guy who was selling them on the 248am forum. The guy gave me a really sweet deal and it didn’t take me too long to convince Maliha that we couldn’t miss this.  😉

It came with everything in the box, including two extra white controllers in addition to the black one that it originally comes with. He even threw in a couple of games to get me started. The 120 GB storage is pretty useful and it means I can install and play games directly from the drive which has a positive impact on the loading times. The gaming console I had before this was the PS2 and that was pretty awesome. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amazing graphics once I fired it up after hooking it up to my plasma using the HDMI connection. The graphics, sharpness and brilliance of the colors pretty much blew me away.

The wireless aspect of the controller is another thing that I’m enjoying. It gives me more freedom and its somewhat nice not to have people tripping over the cables running from the console to the controller.

I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter 4 and Grid and I’m thinking about picking up the MS Wireless Racing Wheel for it and add a touch of realism and make it more fun.

Rohail has also been mashing the buttons to SF4 and Soul Calibur 4 any time he can get me to sit and play with him. I’m thinking I’ll get some games for him that are more suitable for his age group (though I wonder if they have anything for 2+ year olds!). In any case, he has already laid claim to the device and readily tells anyone that its his.


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